Dead.Villian- Sage, The 64th Wonder


maxresdefaultI’ve been following Sage for about 5 years now.  While his style as changed so much over the years. He never fails to disappoint. Whether it be, though showing his prowess as an emcee. The smooth styling of self-composed beats or his quirky visuals.  And sometimes, it’s all of the above.

The music video for Dead.Villain was just that.

The beat was melodic and set the tone early.   I also love how simplistic the video was.  The calming waters and the glaring of the sun added texture.  It was almost as if Sage was feeding off of this energy rather than it being distracting.  This guy can summon Ki at will.

Pure excellences.

And let’s not forget about the nerdy overtones. From his hat, to the print on his poncho. As well as the ever-present references within the lyrics/music itself.   All tied up in a lovely package. In addition to Dead.Villian,  a performance video for Super Seji a track released a few weeks prior.

It’s always a plus when my favorite Uchiha surfaces from the Wave.

I’ll post the video below.

So, check it out and let me know what you think?

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