Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival: Program G

Creators at Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival

Lizzo and I got the chance to go to our first Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival event on August 25th. BWFF has been going strong for three years since it founded in 2016. The festival is in Brooklyn each year and has featured countless women creators films. The positive community is what brings you back I can’t wait to support next year and see the following lineup of women filmmakers.


Gerry is a 15-minute short film about a widow that cleans out her deceased husband’s closet and finds a part of her past she’s tempted to revisit to escape solitude. In this film, Hilda (Played by Joan Collins) is the main character going out on dates with widowers to prolongs a meeting with someone from her past. I enjoyed the film and right away got the plot of the story once Gerry introduced to us.

Creators Information

Victoria Hollup | Paul Agar | Website | IMDb

Antouni (Homeless)

Antouni is an 11-minute short film Armenian. The film is about a young girl and her father leaving Syria to go to Armenia for a better life. The young girl asks her father all the questions about where they are going to, and once she figures it out, she wanders from the group. This film was a great little insight into what children refugees process what they go through. The opportunity to take a breather is vital for them to understand what’s going on.

Creators Information

Website | Instagram


Kayden Porter in Token Courtesy of IMDb

There is no video of a trailer online, but this movie was a great 13-minute short film about a dark skin black girl trying to blend in with her white surroundings. Kandace is the main character reflecting on feeling like a token within her friend group. Later realizing that people don’t just see her as she wants them to. I enjoyed this short film for the raw emotion of trying to fit in with people that can’t see past your skin color.

Creators Information

Director Kwanza Gooden | Twitter| Producer Andrea Lewis| Twitter

I Love Lisha

photo by FilmFreeway

This 15-minute comedy has the inspiration of I Love Lucy running through its blood. The actors were so adorable to watch since I haven’t seen I Love Lucy in a long time. The actors stick to the essence of the original characters, and it was funny. Also, in the end, the reality of a real issue we have happening today in America. The entire short film is on the website you can click the link below.

Creators information

Website | Lisha’s IMDb | Dan’s IMDb | Dan’s Instagram

Sara’s Intimate Confessions


A short film about a woman named Sara and her vulva. This film was probably my favorite because of the humor of the film. I love a good sense of humor about a taboo topic. As we go along with Sara as she criticizes herself for minor things as we all do and trying to have to sex to satisfy her very talkative vulva. Sara’s vulva has a mind of her own and tries to convince Sara sex is what she needs. Sara finally decided the way to shut her vulva up. I found this short film funny just like everyone else in the theater getting their few chuckles from it.

Creators information

Emilie Blichfeldt IMDb | Youtube

Welcome to Malta

Photo from Kate McMullen Website

A short docu-commercial is bringing awareness of the abortion laws in Malta. Kate McMullen did a fantastic job with this 2-minute docu-commercial. Right to the point of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Malta. Which can also bring awareness to many other countries like Malta.

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Website | Vimeo

Inking a new self

Traveling tattoo artist Shanzey Afzal partnered with Jillian Eugenios of Great Big Story to create this 5-minute documentary. Shanzey Afzal created Ink Minx as a safe space for women that didn’t feel comfortable going to tattoo spaces. This film was an inspiring documentary for empowering women to be their complete self regardless of what religion or society says.

Creators information

Shanzey Afzal | Jillian Eugenios | Website

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