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This past Sunday, while at Anime NYC, Drey and I, were invited to attend in the East Coast Premiere of Makoto Shinkai’s Weathering With You. The movie follows a 16-year old Hodaka, a high school freshman who fled to Toyko during his summer break.   He quickly hits a wall, but after meeting Hina, a girl with a unique gift, things began to little a lot more brighter.

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This movie is a roller coaster ride.  It was funny,  heartwarming,  thrilling, and dramatic. Weathering With You really takes you on a journey.  One that I wasn’t ready for. Even with the hype around it, Ya girl wasn’t convinced that I would leave the screening room satisfied.   For a while,  it seemed like I was right. But I was so wrong!  It came for my neck, and I felt attacked.

Aesthetically,   WWY is something else- high-key breath-taking. The use of watercolors really helped set the mood and added to the overall vibe of the movie. As well as adding to the water/weather theme.  I love how the background illustrations really felt like summer.  It felt nostalgic! Familiar. Beautiful!  I was really blown away.

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The pacing was spot on, The animation was super clean, and Characters were likable.  The sound design was top notch and felt natural.  The music accompanied everything so well, and at a time, it blended in so well that it could go unnoticed because it meshed so well. The performances by the seiyuu-emotional.   You really felt what they were going through and that what sold the story.  That human connection.

Weathering with you is a movie that you really want to see.

Weathering With You in select theaters on January 17th. 2020 

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