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Lizzo and I went to Brooklyn Comic-con (BKCC). A con that’s still a bit new BKCC is still fairly new started in 2019 and still thriving this year. Brooklyn is not one to be forgotten, This con may be a small local con but it’s very memorable for everyone enjoying the festivities. We were only able to go on Sunday since we were on short notice with the press passes but it was a fun day. We saw from social media we missed a lot of the main events on Saturday. Don’t worry we don’t have FOMO but wished we could have gotten to enjoy both days of the convention.

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Many people have made complaints online about the lines at BKCC on Saturday. I saw a few pictures and the angry comments about waiting an hour or more to get into the con. I’m not sure if people know how cons are regularly or if the people complaining go to cons often but that’s mostly what you do at all cons is just wait in lines, especially bigger conventions. I personally don’t think waiting in line should have been an issue for con-goers who frequent other cons year-round.

These are the Instagram posts I ran across that showed what this con-goer didn’t like and he attended the other events offered by BKCC outside of the venue. I wanted to show you other people’s experiences with this con and ours. We had a much better experience compared to what some people were complaining about.

I found Wildgoldean on Instagram while surfing through the hashtag #Bkcomiccon

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

When we arrived on Sunday we didn’t experience long lines and we got there around noon about an hour or so after the con opened doors. As usual, Con-goers know Sunday is usually a chill day and sometimes you can shop in the dealer’s room and artist alley for a discount as some don’t want to take anything back with them. Sunday was a bit lackluster for me, with BKCC only being a two-day con I would expect both days to be somewhat packed with enough things to do like panels, gaming, and more entertainment. The panels ended around 4 pm and all that was left to do was be in the dealer’s area until everything closed at 7 pm.

There was no real direction of what events were happening at the con or where they were going to be. The schedule was posted online and it didn’t give any detail about what panels were happening or anything from the con itself. I felt a bit lost and confused with going between the 2 floors of the community center after panels were done. It felt like the con was over but we still have about 3 hours left before doors officially close.

Lizzo experienced seeing a bathroom door laying on the floor in the Women’s bathroom but things happen it probably needed maintenance and that’s on the venue. I do hope that when 2023 comes around BKCC can put together a more jam-packed con. Listen to the feedback of the con-goers who are going to see if they improved next year. I will say that having a bar that serves alcoholic drinks at an event with kids will never be a good idea. I’m not sure if they had that there before but that could be a hazard, the bar should be at the 21+ events from the con.

Here’s some photos and videos from us and other creators at Brooklyn Comic-con

We will most likely be going to BKCC 2023 if everything is still going great around then. I suggest if you are in New York City and want to check out a con without the huge crowd BKCC should definitely be on your list.

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