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On Saturday, November 5, I attended Play NYC 2022. Play NYC is a gaming convention with a purpose. It is a joint venture between Playcrafting, Rockstar Games, and NYC Media & Entertainment department to bring together developers, other industry professionals, and fans to celebrate games. 

This year the event was held at the Chelsea Industrial which is beautiful and just as spacious as the last venue.  

Stickers from Play NYC 2022

There were a total of 30 booths featuring local organizations such as NYC Gaymers, Games for Change,  VR Diamond League, and NY Video Game Critic Circle.  Who are all using gaming as an outreach tool to help build a better tomorrow.  I’d highly recommend checking them all out and showing some love. After chopping it up and getting more familiar with these organizations. It was time to play games.

One of the highlights from my trip was getting to play Vejigante.  Vejigante is a third-person action-adventure game brought to life by Elaine Gomez- Sanchez through the Graffiti Games 2022 initiative.

Vejigante Booth at Play NYC 2022

Vejigante Time

Meet Yara, as she learns the art of making a Vejigante mask from her Abuelito in the country in Puerto Rico. At the request of Abuelito,  Yara uses her magical mask to fend off mischievous forest spirits. 

The artwork and colors in this game are gorgeous. The concept is cute and I love how it pays tribute unapologetically.  Plus, it’s hella fun to play.  This is one you definitely want to give a try yourself. 

Another game, I really enjoyed was Big Boss by Hamra Digital. Big Boss is asymmetrical fighting where you band together to defeat demons that are terrorizing the world.  BB is turned based and I found it to be a little tricky but after getting knocked around for a bit. I finally caught the rhythm and had fun doing it. Now Big Boss isn’t available to play just yet but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Rushdown Revolt Booth at Play NYC 2022

Rushdown Revolt

I also was able to test out a fighting game called Rushdown Revolt. It’s a Super Smash Bros/ Multiversus style of fighting game. Gave me Brawlhala vibes but with better character designs.  It was fun. The controls were clean and easy to pick up. But I got the impression that this game can turn really competitive. Oh yeah, did I mention the character designs are fire.

Other games highlighted at Play NYC: 1 Bump Rivals by Sherveen Uduwana, Lucky Yu by Mike Ren and Low Fightaz by Juan Morales-Rocha. There were game demonstrations, board games like BATSU and Tael Moor. And a bunch of other games. There really was something for everyone.

1 Bump Rivals booth at Play NYC 2022

All and all, I had a dope time at Play NYC 2022. I was able to meet some really cool people and experience some really interesting games.  Thank you Playcrafting for allowing me to come thru. Hope to see you again in the future.

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