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Today Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters and it’s worth the ticket. Alice and I went to an advance screening of guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 on Tuesday and we laughed the entire movie. First off if you’re looking for Baby Groot you don’t have to look far because he was the star of the show and stole every scene he was in. I tried to get into the movie’s storyline but Groot really grabs your attention the entire time, no matter how much you try to focus, Groot comes in cuteness blazing and it’s hard to ignore. 

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Gangsta Baby Groot

Now moving on from Groot for a minute let’s talk about what this movie really was about, Star-Lord meeting his father it took him a while to get what his father was up to but the adventure along the way was the fun part. Drax The Destroyer played by Dave Bautista  was most of the comedic relief, he really delivered every joke and it was hilarious and so entertaining that each character in this movie gets to shine even if it was just for a couple of minutes and it really made me look at each of them differently.
Gamora and her sister Nebula were the best thing about this they worked together with the usually side of sibling rivalry which was some of the main Image result for gamora and nebula gifaction in this movie with amazing stunts. At one point of the movie Nebula was dead set on killing Gamora and she literally flew a ship in a cave just to do it. That was one of the exciting parts and it was so heartwarming to see when they started helping eachother out and said their true feelings, it felt like they got closure so maybe Nebula will have a bigger role in GOTG vol. 3.

My favorite scene has to be the one with Groot, Yondu and Rocket. Rocket and Yondu are in a cell and they are asking Groot to go and get Yondu’s headpiece and Groot is so cute he brings all the wrong things and you can see the frustration on Yondu and Rocket’s face it’s the most hilarious scene in this movie. This scene should be everyone’s favorite hands down if Baby Groot didn’t have your heart from the beginning dance number he definitely got it after this.

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The Hero Baby Groot

At the end Baby Groot is the star of the movie and I really love that the director made Baby Groot the star but Yondu was the hero and it was so great to see his character grow from the first movie ’til now and Groot making Yondu a Guardian of the Galaxy was so bitter-sweet since we know what the ending is, I’m trying not to spoil the movie but it’s worth the

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ticket. We know vol. 3 will be coming if you stay after the credits you’ll see a hilarious scene with Drax and Kraglin. The story has to go on because it will be interesting to see either Baby Groot or Child Groot be unbelievably adorable and the unspoken romance between Star-Lord and Gamora needs to be taken care of.
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The new characters we meet Star-Lord’s father Ego and his sidekick Mantis were a good addition even after Ego turned out to be a villain, Mantis helped the guardians defeat Ego. There might be something going on between Mantis and Drax romantically but Drax is so complicated to figure out I couldn’t see if it was sure he liked Mantis, later on he gave her one of those lovingly gazes so fingers crossed they end up together because they are both equally complicated.

Drax and Mantis

If you havent seen the first Guardians Of The Galaxy movie you should definitely check it out before seeing this it will give you insight on their relationship with each other and more importantly everything mentioned in vol. 2 will make sense. I will leave a few Baby Groot GIFs from the movie, which doesn’t sum up the most adorable thing in life itself but it will give you just a taste of what to look forward to when you see this movie and the trailer.

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Angry Baby Groot
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Motivated Baby Groot

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with this. From what I’ve been reading, Baby Groot is kind of a hit with everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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