The concert was on September 25th and the whole SDE team went to this concert. Now I’m a big fan of 90s music that’s what they gave us brought back all the good music for about 2 hours. Puff daddy and the family has one of the best lineup of artists. The special guest that pop in on the concert was Shyne and DMX now I have seen fans post videos of the previous concert even my co-worker went to a concert and saw more than just DMX and Shyne. I was expecting a few of the features they had over the years come out but that wasn’t the case.Overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself I danced and singed all night, I will express my disappointment for not seeing more artists coming out. I feel like in this show we we’re cheated because they showed out at every other concert on this tour but once it gets to NJ. I will probably always remember how Diddy screw us over but still put one hell of a show. Seeing Mase again put a smile on my face I picture Diddy and Mase being the best of friends because that’s how it looked Mase had a smile on his face the entire time it seem like he was happy to be there.20160925_225041
20160925_225118The only one I really wanted to see was Kim I wanted to see how she looked and how hard she was going to perform her songs. I love Kim’s songs and she had a great career when she was at her highest and if Kim comes out with new music now I will be all over it it a split second. Kim’s outfit was sexy, she came to play no games her body was ridiculous I didn’t even know she had it like that. Kim looked so beautiful and performed her set so flawlessly that I’m so happy we we’re so close to the stage. I  would pay to Kim kill a show all by herself. Lil Kim will always live strong as one of the greatest female rappers her legacy will live on forever

Faith came to rock for her hometown, LOX came out and the Total reunion was so amazing I love Pam and her dance moves throughout the performance made the show more lively. Carl Thomas who I wasn’t expecting to see comes out full force with his R&B. This was most of the Bad Boy roster. Right along with 112 who came out multiple times to sing and it was a good feeling to know even with everyone being out of the game for a while they came hard for this performance. Black Rob made us remember why they still got it. French Montana came out to give us the music of today.
Of course they did a few snippets of a few Biggie songs can’t put on a Bad Boy show and not show out with Biggie. It was the highlight of the night to just be there with fans and the artists that knew him personally and watch everyone sing along to every song. Born and raised in Brooklyn we couldn’t let down Biggie, we had to show out for the team and sing every song that was performed all the songs at the top of our lungs.

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R.I.P Big

I wanted to point out this fur coat with the tail that Diddy came out with and later bought one out for French on his set. This is what rich people do to show out? I’ll take the money…seriously this was a good laugh when I saw it but what a waste of money that is not mine.

In closing everyone wore white for the most part i guess to go with the holy feeling and when Shyne’s video came on it hyped up the crowd seeing Shyne living good after all he’s been through is a good look. I think hands down we would go to another stop on the tour when it comes back to the NYC area just to live through this experience all over again. Bad Boy family put on one hell of show without an all star lineup. Congrats to Bad Boy for making it 20 years in the game.

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