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This was another concert we attended while at Liberty City Anime Convention. Prior to the concert, I have never heard of her. So here is a little background information.

Reni Mimura is a Japanese born singer who’s stage name is ReniReni. After releasing her first CD in 2006 she later relocated to New York City in 2008 to pursue a career in the  Western Market. ReniReni is considered to be Leader of the Moe/ Kawaii Revolution. Another acclaim to fame being her performance of  Chiwawa in Ubisoft Just Dance 2016 video game.

My experience:

For starter, there was an error with the track list for the performance.  Naturally you would assume the sound mixers was at fault but in this situation the confusion came from ReniReni. The engineer fumbled thru three different songs on ReniReni instructions come to find out that the song he initially started with was the right track.

You could chalk it up to nervousness but either way that was one strike.

She performed: A Cruel Angel Thesis 残酷な天使のテーゼ.  The opening theme song to Neon Genesis Evangelion. I was hyped because I though she was the singer behind it but then again the voice wasn’t right. My instinct were right, she really wasn’t the singer.

Then she even prompted the audience to come dance with her as she performed her song from Just Dance. The video on the projector and all.  She tired to insight more crowd participation in getting us to yell Moe Moe. The crowd was pretty day.

But for me the highlight of this concert was definitely her Rock Paper Scissors song.

I laughed so hard. This really came out of left field.  All of her sound were really electro based. I did not see this one coming at all.  This made up for everything – Her rudeness included.

She was being really rude. Telling the audience to shut.  Though some of it was warranted. Cat calling is disrespectful.

Something I thought was really cool. Was when the audience rushed the stage during her last song. The sense of support must of felt nice consider how the crowd  was non responsive most of the show.

But All in all, this was an interesting experience. Would I recommend going to see her perform at a Anime Con? Yes for the shock value.

Would I attend another concert? Probably not but we’ll see.

For more info: ReniReni’s Official Website

But thanks for tuning in.  Until next time


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