BlerdCon 2019: Afro Samurai Champloo Premiere


ACOne of my favorite moments from BlerD Con was attending the Afro Samurai Champloo Panel. Afro Samurai Champloo is an action-adventure fan-film following a warrior named Mugen, and his attempt at gaining financial freedom by capturing Japan’s Most Wanted Swordmen; Afro Samurai. Due to some unexpected circumstances,  Mugen learns a valuable lesson.


Robin Calvo as Mugen                                                                                                                      Ashbear Patrick “Audio Hime” as Fuu                                                                                      Leroy Nguyen as Bounty Hunter, “Mo Kage”                                                                          Alexya Garcia as Rapping Bounty Hunter “Lex”                                                                   Tarell Kota Bullock as Afro Samurai

BANDITS in BLACK: Cina McKenna, Daniel Son, Omar Zaki (beatboxing Priest), Justin Rackley, Alex Au, Minh Huynh, Justin Compito, Bee Rolle, Kosey Baskin, Johnny X Wang, Kaitlyn Hiller, Nancy Kimiyo Mizuochi Austria, Tar-Rock Al Monseur, Troy Austria, Allen Quindiagan, Lawrence Mok ,Arthur Mok, @Richard Inthasoroth, Cora Laudato and Dominique Smith

Production AssistantsCora Laudato, Ren Majid, Marco Chiang, and Jane Kim

Afro_Samurai_Champloo_Ep_1_Bandits_In_Black_4K (1)

ASC was a passion project for Team Red Prod. and with the help of Quirktastic, they were able to make it happen.  The run time for this movie is about 30 minutes. and it took the crew six months to complete.  The panel consisted of a full screening of the movie and Q and A session in the latter half which just left me even more impressed.

I really loved it. It looks good, sounded good and was hilarious.  The idea behind this film was to blend Hip Hop, Martial Arts, and Anime into something in a league of its own-They nailed it!  The fight choreography was bonkers!. The music just made everything that much better because not only did it sound good but it also played a role in progressing the story.  Those types of connections are what I live for.  So shoutout to the BANDITS in BLACK:


Afro and Mugen we’re written really well and both Robin and Tarell were believable.  The cinematography even played to, the differences in their personalities.   Like how Mugen shots shook, was a bit wild like his fighting style.  Afro is more polished and precise which is shown his straight forward and steady captures (which I learned during the question and answer session)  I was even more blown away.

Another thing I learned (while sitting in on the  Q and A), was that the fight scenes were choreographed with Hip Hop in mind.  How cool is that? If you are a fan of Marital arts, Afro Samurai, Samurai Champloo, Hip Hop Head or an Anime fan, in general, you”ll really want to check this out.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. 

Afro_Samurai_Champloo_Ep_2_Dueling_Blades_teamredpro (2)Tracklist:

Samurai Champloo beatbox instrumental by Sonicfreak                                                  Bandits In Black Raps by Alexya Garcia                                                                                            Lo-fi music by Chinsaku                                                                                                              Seven Samurai Remix by Justin Rackley (VEX)                                                                          Get Back by Martin                                                                                                                        Slain in Vain by Martin                                                                                                                Dueling Blades by Martin

Other music: Blizzard: @callmeblizzard                                                                        Medafiziks: @medafiziks

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