Anime Coming to Netflix in August


netflixlogo-56a4b4183df78cf77283d151Netflix is the big dog of Streaming services for a reason. I’m able to watch all sorts of things. The occasion K-Drama, a horror flick, and get my anime fix. Even though Crunchyroll is still the premier service for anime content, Netflix has been making some pretty big power moves. The acquiring the iconic Neon Genesis Evangelion is a really a flex but before I get too far off track because I love going off on a tangent.

I’m here to talk about two anime series coming to Netflix in August that I’m super excited for. 


Carole & Tuesday

Created by: Bones and Shinichirō Watanabe


At this point, I think I’ll watch just about anything that Shinichiro Watanabe has his hands in.  But aside from that, one of the main reasons I actually want to watch this is because it’s an animated series about music and also because one of the main leads is a black woman (and her vocalist too). So, of course, I want to show my support.

The animation looks gorgeous, and music is about to be tight based on what I heard so far.  Knowing what I know about Watanabe, he tells these types of stories really well, and I can’t wait to see how this is laid out.

Carole & Tuesday Premieres on the US on August 30th


Cannon Busters

Created by: Satelight and LeSean Thomas


I’ve been looking forward to watching Cannon Busters since I first came across the trailer in late 2016. The artwork looks amazing! The animation seems clean as fuck.  The cast of characters are interesting, stylistically, and name wise.  Philly, The Kid,  sounds like a bawse.  Plus you get giant robots,  a black woman and it looks like it’s going to be really funny.   I also have a thing for bounty hunters.   I’m all the way here for the antics.

Cannon Busters premieres on August 15th 



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