Top 4 Fridays: Favorite Dread heads in Anime


I would like to take this time to introduce another series for 2019.  For our first entry, we will be talking about about my favorite anime characters with dread locks.  So let’s jump right in.


Izumi Curtis (FullMetal Alchemist/Brother)

Izumi Curtis is the first character in anime that I’ve encountered with Dread locks. That’s one of the main reasons she’s made this list  but also because she’s a total bad ass with a well developed character arc. She was just a side character.  We got see what makes her tick, what she loved, what she stood for and what made her weak.  We knew what was most important to her. We also learned about some of her past discretion’s, how that molded her personality.


Kilik Rung (Soul Eater)

Kilik is a choice of all aesthetic.   His screen time is very limited but the drip that he bleeds is pretty undeniable. From his flame accented shirt to baby locks on top of his head. To the fade and cuts on the side of his head. His look was really ahead of his time. People are rocking similar hairstyles-currently and this anime is about 10 years old now.  Plus his fire welding fist gauntlets are pretty dope.


Mira Naigus (Soul Eater)

This is another pick based solo on physical aesthetic. Mira is a bad ass. She’s also a side character with screen time that is pretty much non existent.  But her design is pretty and the juxtapose with her being a weapon adds more flavor. Elegant but deadly. Which is quite common in anime but how often do you see pretty black girls in anime. Add in the fact that she’s an instructor, also takes on the position as school nurse and you get black excellence.


Junko (Nana)

Junko is an artist but newly converted dread head.  She’s that no nonsense having friend that we all need.  With a motherly touch without being over bearing. The calm presence in a sea of turmoil. Because let’s face it, that’s pretty much how Nana really was.  Aside from that, she was pretty relate-able for me.

There you have it.  My list for  Top 4 Dread heads in Anime. So who are some of your favorite dread locked characters? And what other Top 4 lists would you be interesting in reading?  Let me know win the comment section below.

Hope to see you soon.

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