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The 14-year wait is finally over! The legendary iconic musical innovator Missy Misdermeanor Elliott has graced us with an EP named Iconology. A 5-track collection of songs that gives us the nostalgic feeling of the good ole days. Missy wanted to remind us that she still got it this project is a perfect mixture of music Missy is known for. As a fan of Missy Elliott, I was super excited when rumors swirled around about a Missy Album and her release of the video singing new music we knew this day would come. I knew this was coming but the impact and celebration of Missy’s legacy make this album so much more.

I’ve listened to Missy Elliott most of my life and seeing her creative ideas come to life has been the biggest highlight of seeing her music videos. Each video was different from the next with new concepts that I haven’t seen before and as an innovator of our generation, she set the bar for us to keep our creativity alive and go up and beyond. All of Missy Albums are my favorite I can’t really choose because I loved almost every song I’ve heard from her. Especially her time with Aaliyah, a good era of music we grew up with where Missy, Timberland and Aaliyah were all over our radios. 

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MTV VMAs are honoring Missy Elliott with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award and it’s been long overdue. honestly right after Janet Jackson got her award Missy should have gotten hers. Lizzo and I got the chance to catch the pop-up Museum of Missy Elliott that MTV put together to honor her celebration. It was an amazing little mix of Missy’s iconic moments, it was in a small venue and they had different areas for each moment. I took a picture with Missy’s spacesuit cutout, it was so much fun to see so many people show Missy this much love.

Check out Missy’s VMA Performance!

The comeback I’ve been waiting 14 years for has finally arrived. Iconology may only be a collection of 5 songs but it’s the embodiment of Missy Elliot. A literal mix of her sound over the last 3 decades. I haven’t taken this album off my rotation, I’ve listened to the same songs over 30 times by now and I still love it. Now I’m waiting on a Missy Elliott Tour so I can live out a Missy Concert to add to the highlights to my life.

With a short tracklist, I wanted to go through each track. Iconology is a great mix of hip-hop and R&B with the making of even more Missy Elliott Dance Classics. Adding to her discography her own sound and catchy punchlines is the one true way of Missy Elliott. Let’s go through the mix of these 5 tracks.

Throw It Back is a classic Missy track a good dance track with a bunch of good punchlines that really embodies the fun missy has with the music she creates. This is the lead song off this EP and it has been popular since it’s release. Missy even dropped a video with the release of this EP for this track. The video is so good and I see a few good GIFs coming from this video alone.

Cool Off gives me old school vibes when I listen to the song it reminds me of 2 live crew. It’s very upbeat and fast-paced which makes it a perfect fit for a dance club. Now DripDemeanor is a Missy classic for me. All of Missy’s albums have a song that reminds you that Missy look good and could still take your man. I was expecting a good nasty tune from Missy and she never disappoints. This heavenly mix of R&B is what made me fall in love with Missy’s music. The transition from DripDemeanor to Why I Still Love You to continue the R&B vibe with a little mix of the gospel on the track. The acapella version is my favorite because I’ve always loved Missy’s vocals.

As a big fan of Missy Elliott made the wait worth it, I know she was dealing with her graves disease for the past couple of years. Her health is more important and as loyal fans, we did hold over with her features over the years which kept her relevant in music. Missy can never be irrelevant because she has created timeless music and art. Missy is a creative genius in every way and I’m happy we’re here to experience her greatness.

Have you listened to the ICONOLOGY EP yet? Do you have a favorite song?

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