BlerdCon 2019: Trash or Lit: Is this Anime Good for you?


Blerd conIs your favorite anime Lit or Trash?  That is the question!  While at Blerdcon, we attended a panel that addressed this very topic. Hosted by: The AfrOtakus. Let’s dive right in. 


This panel was poppin’ and perfect for Blerdcon. The panelist introduced themselves and jumped right into the festivities. The first half of the panel was headed by our two panelists. They displayed an anime up on the projector and spoken how they felt about it.  

The second half of the panel was a debate between audience members. Where they argue for or against a show choice by the panelist. Animes on the docket: One Punch Man, Boku no Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Dragonball Super, and few others. onepunchman_giphy

The room was full with a bunch of passionate fans.   So much so, that they could hear us in the panel room next door and was having problems conducting there’s. In all my years going to Conventions, I’ve never had that happen before. Definitely one for the record books.

I loved how interactive this panel was. The AfrOtaku are great hosts and having experienced this panel. I’m looking forward to checking out there podcast and maybe sitting in another panel run by them.

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