12 Days of Anime: My Top 5 Songs of The Year


I wanted to make a post about a genre of music that I love but then I decided why not make a post about the song I keep on repeat. I have a daily rotation playlist on Tidal and I add and subtract songs all the time. I usually make playlists for myself depending on what mood I’m in. I love music a big part of my life sadly I can’t hold a tune or play any instruments YET! Music is still apart of my life and I love what I love.

K/DA – POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns)

I really love this song I saw the video on Twitter first and then I just haven’t stopped listening to it yet. Its a feel good dance song that I like to play before heading out to work to get me a little pumped up for the day.

6LACK – Stan

I really love R&B music with a passion. Lately, it seems like a dying genre but there is hope out there that it can thrive again like the 90s. I love this song because it makes me look forward to love. This is what R&B is supposed to make you feel like in all this mess there is still love out there for you.

City Girls – Twerk (Audio) ft. Cardi B

I love to support women in the rap/hip-hop industry. I have to add the booty popping music because it’s apart of the culture. I also noticed of the last few years a lot of female rappers have been popping up lately and I’m ready to support all the beautiful women that want to take over the music industry.

Jay Park – Sexy 4 Eva

This is one of my favorite songs of the year because it’s a really feel good song. I hope everyone feels this way about themselves. You have to feel great about yourself in order to survive the many trials and tribulations of life. I hope you feel like you feel good about yourself forever. It can take some time to get to that point but the journey of self-love is a rewarding one.

ZionT – Those Days (Without You) [Prison Playbook OST]

This song is from a soundtrack for a Korean TV series called Prison Playbook, which is now on Netflix. I started the series earlier this year but never finished it then I found out there is a soundtrack attached to it. The soundtrack has 10 parts and ZionT is part 9 with this single. I love the vibe of this song and when I found this lyric video I fell in love all over again with it. This song got me back into my R&B feels.


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