12 Days of Anime: Favorite J-Music Cover bands (Day 7)


Music is something that I love without fault.  There aren’t many things that bring me the same amount of joy and because of that, I find myself writing about it often.  For my seventh installment in the 12 days of Anime, here is the list of my favorite Anime covers bands. 

J-MUSIC Ensemble 

The JME is a New York-based Jazz band who tackles the world of Japanese Music one arrangement at a time.   I’ve had the opportunity to hear them play live three times and I’ve been blown away each and every time.  When they hit, they hit hard.  I highly recommend checking them out. You won’t be disappointed.

|YouTube Channel |Interview Patrick Bartley Jr. |

The Asterplace

The Asterplace is another band that I’ve seen live multiple times.   Their shows are always high energy, getting a crowd of nerds moving isn’t an easy feat but they get it on and poppin’. And their vocalist KOTA TSUKIMOTO, is a badass on the mic and isn’t something to be played with. All jokes aside, The Asterplace is a band you have to experience live!

 |Website |


CAPCOM LIVE!  is a rock band with orchestral components.  Think a rock band with a string section and extended percussion.  I saw them live and I was blown away. This is a group you need to see live if they come to a city near you.

|Website |Concert |

Here you have it, 3 Anime cover bands that I really enjoyed live.

Check them out and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 


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