12 Days of Anime: Beauty Pop (Manga)


Beauty Pop is one of my favorite manga to reread each year because I can never get tired of this story. I wasn’t a really big fan of shoujo manga but Beauty Pop definitely changed that for me. I love a good shoujo manga with a strong female character that doesn’t just fall head over heels over the first guy that talks to her. These storylines are quite hard to find but I have a few on my bookcase.

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The first time I read Beauty Pop, Kiri reminded me of Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club. As the story progressed, I tried predicting what would happen in the coming chapters but Kiri did the opposite. She was a completely different character than I thought and I was genuinely interested in seeing how she would fall for one of the guys that like her. Because she was a tough one to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this series because I couldn’t predict what was going to happen next.

Related imageThere’s no real reason as to why Kiri ends up with the guy she does (I don’t want to spoil it). As much as I think about it, I was never able to put my finger on it. I came to the conclusion that It’s just that way at the end of the manga. I was kind of disappointed it ended like that even though I was shipping them together from the very beginning.

The other reason I love Beauty Pop is that it’s also centered around hair which is something I love. This manga was 2 in 1 for me and I was obsessed with it when I found it. I love doing my hair in many different styles, even though I shaved my head a couple of times, I got to experiment with wigs they are so much fun.

Another thing is Kiri’s love for her cat and their backstory stole my heart.
I’d recommend Beauty Pop for those looking for a good comedy shoujo manga with a strong female character. Kiri is so unbothered by the world around her, you’ll fall in love with her. Kiri is a sweet caring high schooler with a heart of gold and nonchalant attitude. Hopefully, you will enjoy this manga as much as I have and fall in love with Kiri and her cat Shampoo.

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