I finally got to watch the famous and most talked about show Yuri On Ice. I really enjoyed this anime. This anime really gave me a idea about the world of Ice Skating. I was not really interested in ice skating  until I saw this anime which is interesting for me. I only learned about Ice Skating by watching this anime. I really enjoyed watching them perform and tell a story though their performance on stage. I really got an inside of what the Ice Skating world was like.

I love Viktor and Yuri together. I can not wait for the next episode. Viktor is the most famous Ice skater in the world and Yuri is his biggest fan.Yuri inspires to be like Viktor. After returning home, loosing the Ice Skating tournament Yuri returned home and was wasting away his life because of his loss. One day Viktor shows up at his family inn and offers to be his new coach to become the top ice skater. Yuri works hard to become the greatest Ice skater and works hard to not let his coach down.

There has been a lot of controversy on this show being a Yaoi or not. After watching the show I can say to me it is definitely a Yaoi anime. Their is tons of suggestions about their relationships between the actions they do. Yuri has a extremely strong passion for his coach Viktor. I love seeing their relationship blossom and grow strong. I have tons of fan girl moments watching the show. If you have not seen it you must see it.

                Viktor and Yuri …xoxoxo

                 KAWAII !!!

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