The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is hands down one of my favorite animated movies of all time.  So how could I not talk about it. TGWLTT follows teenage space case Makoto Konno and day to day mishaps. After an accidental fall in the school science lab she finds a walnut shaped item which passes on the ability to Time Leap. (Which she learns after a near death experience) Makoto swiftly takes advantage of her newly found gift but later learns that her choices have repercussions.

This got me thinking. What would I have done as teen if gifted with the power to Time Leap?  Quite frivolously. This is something Makoto and I have in common but yet our chosen scenarios would have been quite different. I sure as hell wouldn’t have used it for test taking. I didn’t care enough about school to waste gift such as this on it.   Maybe pay a prank or two on some unexpected victim and then use the leap to undo it.   I might have even used to get more sleep.

But even though, I was young, naive and at times careless like Makoto. I was fully aware that my actions had consequences. I wasn’t that wrapped in my own world to not get that much. So I feel that would have aided me in making some proper decisions but not many.

But I definitely felt for her. In her quest of avoidance, she managed to railroad her own happiness.
Chiaki would have had to leave eventually but maybe under better circumstances.  But in a sense, I guess she did find closure in their promise. Though if you ask me.  That’s cruel as shit. What are chances of them ever crossing paths again? It is is hella unlikely. But then again, what else could have been said?
But I digress; a trilogy would really be nice.

So check it out if you haven’t.  And let me know what you think? Deuces.

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