The long awaited Wonder Woman Trailer debuted at SDCC 2 weeks ago. I’m excited about this movie because this is DC’s #1 female superhero so it’s going to be a big deal once this movie hits theaters next year.
I previously did a post about this movie when Gal Gadot was announced as Wonder Woman. Here’s that post: Wonder Woman Movie (2017)
If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, it’s posted below.

I want to first say how happy I am with the costume, I was a little shocked that they covered her up. I’m proud of DC for taking the high road and not putting Gal Gadot in a skimpy outfit with her breast bouncing around. From the trailer it looks like WW learned a few moves, I know the only thing to compare is to any of the animation of WW. Gal sliding on the floor and swinging the sword is so cool to see I’m really excited to see how they are going to play out WW in this movie and future movies.
When this scene came up the only question I could ask myself was “Do you guys see this big ass SWORD on her back????” I have to wait for the movie to see how this scene plays out because it doesn’t make sense to me. They have to see this beautiful woman walking down the aisle and as she passes you, YOU have to notice this sword down her back. It’s so visible that this has to make sense when we see it completely. It don’t matter what time period this movie is set in, is someone going to say something or stop her before she does whatever she is going to do? I wish they would have showed more of this scene because it probably turns into a fight scene.

Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. 

One more thing i’m looking forward to is the Amazons fighting. I also want to see if the cast gets diverse. Gal Gadot will do an amazing job as Wonder Woman, I have no doubt that this movie will meet it’s goal because Gal is also bringing fans from the Fast Furious franchise and the loyal DC fans that is expecting this movie to leave it’s mark in the DC film universe.

Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters June 2, 2017 there is going to be DC content that will hold us over until then.

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