Women in Comics Collective (WinC), is an initiative founded by Regina Sawyer in 2012 to educate, promote and support a movement towards women working in the Comic Books and under other media umbrellas. In their outreach WinC hosts events, workshops and other activities throughout the country. This past weekend, June 30, 2018, we attended one of their events in New York City.

Courtesy of Drey

This was our 2nd time attending a WinC event and I have to admit it was as good as the last event I attended. It was pretty laid back and a lot smaller than most conventions I’ve been to but that’s part of their charm, It felt more personal.
Hosted at the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library was a great choice. It was clean, air-conditioned and big enough to house everything without being disruptive to non convention goers.

Let’s begin! When we first arrived at the venue, there was vendors set up right outside. On the inside in the lab area they housed more independent vendors and in another area downstairs. The Panels were held in a conference area on the bottom level and on the second floor.

We came across some pretty dope art work. Some from the convention dealers and others that were housed in the library. We even saw some familiar faces which was a nice surprise.

Courtesy of Drey

They even had a nice panel selection, we attended the Cosplay Contest and demonstration session featuring the Rogue Alliance which is a Stars Wars influenced stage combat team based in New York. I’ve never dived into the world of Star Wars but I can’t even lie, I had fun watching their mock fights play out.

I kind of wished I was able to do a bit more so I could have more things to talk about. But before I wrap this up, the convention staff did a wonderful job settings things up. We didn’t run into any hiccups, so kudos to them for that. I also really enjoyed seeing people from all different backgrounds mingling and interacting with one another. It felt like New York, so it’s safe to say I’m one happy attendee and I look forward to attending another WinC event in the future.

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