CastlePoint Anime Convention 2018


CastlePoint Anime Convention started at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey and was operated by a group of undergraduate students in the Stevens Anime Club. Over the years it has grown in size and is now a two-day anime convention hosted at the Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey. This year they hosted two famous voice actors, they had events such as, Cosplay Pro-Wrestling, Cosplay Chess, The Manly Battleships and performances from Vocamerica and Crusher-P and other artists.

Justin Briner was one of the guest voice actors to come to CastlePoint Anime Convention. He has done a number of voice overs for English Dubbed animated series. Some roles that he worked on was High School DxD’s Hero as Siegfried, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card as Yukito Tsukishiro and many more characters. One of his first characters he voiced was on One Piece’s as Palms in 2004. He is a very good voice actor and I can not wait to see what he will do next.

Another guest voice actor to come to CastlePoint Anime Convention was Morgan Berry. She has done several different voice overs for different animated dubbed series. She has done voice work for Darling in the Franxx as Goro, My Hero Academia as Thirteen, Gangsta as Yang (young), Nanbaka as Mao Nimajita, and many others. One of her first series she worked on was One Piece as Sharley in 2004. She is a very good voice actor and now every-time I watch Darling in the Franxx I can here her voice as she plays Goro.

Many different groups performed at the convention such as Crusher-P, Bach A Zero, Moshi Moshi, and Vocamerica. All the performances were really good and you could not help but sing along. The Vocamerica performance was a cool hologram performance with different Vocaloid characters. It was nice listening to Bach A Zero. They are a really good band and I hope I can see them perform next year at CastlePoint anime convention.

Their were many different activities to do at this convention there were different Cosplay events such as Cosplay-Pro-Wrestling and Cosplay Chess. They were all interesting and fun activities to do, people dressed as their favorite anime characters and participated in the events but you had to sign up first beforehand. Their were different Japanese arcade games brought by Snow Phoenix that you can play like Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity, Jubeat, Pump It Up Prime 2, Dance Dance Revolution, and many more games. It was fun playing the different arcade games, as a group we spent most of our time in the arcade trying out all the different games they had to offer.

I hope to be able to attend this Convention next year and watch it grow over the next couple of years, I cant wait to see what this convention will offer next year. I would like to see the Japanese Arcade area again I had so much fun playing the games. I would love to see another concert of Vocamerica to experience another hologram performance.

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