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Sam & Bill is a comedy music duo that I’ve never heard of until I checked out the Liberty City Anime Con guest list and came across Sam & Bill. I watched a few videos and honestly this has to be an 18+ event at LCAC, just off the comedy videos they have on their youtube. This will be a first for me to sit in a comedy music act with this type of content and judging from the videos they are pretty funny. Sam & Bill remind me of Lonely Island, it’s a similar concept on the music part but completely different which makes me want to check them out. I love Lonely Island and I’m pretty interested now to check Sam & Bill out and see what they will do for LCAC.

Sam Haft Picture
Sam Haft

Sam Haft is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer that has starred in a few web series and TV shows as characters on Louie, The Mysteries of Laura, Inside Llewyn Davis and more. Sam is also a voice actor and listed as if he will be doing some solo guest appearance apart from the Sam & Bill brand.
Sam & Bill have gotten dashing reviews from many on their debut album on Amazon. I wanted to post the album art and previews to their songs but everything is explicit I wouldn’t mind sharing the music but the album art is what made me make the choice to just let you click the link at your own discretion.

Bill Bria

Bill Bria is a writer, actor, and comedian who has starred in Broadwalk Empire, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and a recent movie that Bill and Sam were in released this year called The Restaurant. This movie is a comedy horror written and directed by Eric Ford Holevinski. Bill also has a site where he writes movie reviews Website.
This is the synopsis from LCAC about Sam & Bill:
“Sam & Bill are a comedy music act native to NYC, who formed in 2009. They perform at comic cons and festivals all over the country and have shared the stage with acts like Tracy Morgan, Dave Attell, Schaffer The Darklord, and Judah Friedlander. Their debut album Sam & Bill Are Huge was a #1 seller in Amazon’s comedy sales, and they have been called “seriously contagious” by Splitsider, and “not assholes” by Schaffer The Darklord.”

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Bill Bria & Sam Haft

I wonder if their reception will be welcomed at LCAC if they perform the content from the videos below. Many people aren’t receptive to this type of content so I also wonder if they will have a completely different set that will be for this specific audience. I’m looking forward to seeing their set, I did find some of their jokes funny which makes me interested. I’ll definitely come back with my take on their performance if I make it to one of their shows they have a show Friday, August 17 at 9pm. Here’s LCAC schedule and it’s jammed pack with so many things to do that I hope I get the chance to see a majority of the events and panels this year.

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