Summary: Seok-woo, a divorced funds manager and his young daughter, Soo-an venture to Busan n celebration of her birthday.   Aboard the train, all hell breaks loose in the form of a zombie outbreak.
I have an odd relationship with Zombie related content.  While I enjoy the concept in small doses, the mass appeal confuses me.  Not only that but, it’s really hard to recreate a story without it being filled with common tropes.  But Train to Busan, flips this concept and delivers it in a way I’ve become familiar by way of South Korean Media.
The acting was pretty damn good.  The use of humor was there.  As well as cliche,  that are common in horror/Zombie movies.

The inattentive,  yet unsuspecting bystanders who become victims due to their lack of alertness.   The stereotypical stupid people who have the opportunity to react and fuck up their only chance at survival.  The lone asshole, who selfishness makes everyone a viable sacrifice not realizing that higher numbers increase your chance of survival.
Then the quirks, like the zombies doing parkour over each other. Or the zombies forming tornadoes with their animated corpses. or body chains. Which I found hysterical.

But the characters are what made this movie.


Sang-hwa was my favorite character.  Not only was he funny but he shows his humanity. But most importantly, he was serving ass whoopings left and right.  Running thru zombies like a defensive lineman. Strong arming everyone, punching and throwing them to the wind.  He was man handling them like there’s no tomorrow. And to be honest, the way things were looking, tomorrow is a myth.

Jin Hee (Left) and Yong-Guk (right)

I also took a liking to Yong-guk and Jin-hee.  Even though they were both clearly petrified,  after watching their fellow classmates and countless others died. They fought and fought hard in their own right.
Seok-woo a.k.a Daddy Long Legs name brought to you by Drey.  LoL  This guy somehow managed to maintain his cool through everything.

Train to Busan now available Netflix.

Check it out and let me know what you think? If you’re already saw it, what did you think?

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