Last weekend was LCAC 2018 and it was a blast! This year we’ve met some new people as well as seeing some new musicians perform. We were given the opportunity to do press coverage again this year and with that, we have a lot of footage and photos to sort through. This year LCAC, in my opinion, was a little lacking compared to the year before. Yes, the con was fun but it didn’t live up to being better than the year before. I really hope LCAC 2019 will pick up the ball next year and be an even better con than this year.

LCAC having everything in one location it was great but the set up wasn’t.  The game room was right next to the main event stage and in order to get to the game room, you had to pass through the main event room. When sound check was being done before a performance they would close off the game room and tell people to wait 15 minutes. Even if you didn’t care for the performance it made getting to the game room inconvenient.

With everything confined to two floors, there wasn’t as much space to move around. There was no seating area where if you wanted to relax you can take a break and recharge, as usual, con-goers sitting on the floor isn’t a problem until security made it a problem. Without the opportunity to go up to a higher floor where there is a seating area available to us, it made the event a little tiring since we were on our feet all day until the main event that had seating came up.

The performances were the best part of each day. I didn’t get the chance to see Reni Reni or 2une’s performance because they were a little too early for me but I was able to see the LeetStreet Boys, TiA and Kohei, Professor Shyguy and J-MUSIC Ensemble. There was more performances but  we didn’t get in to see them. I really wished LCAC would have put their schedule on the app like Guidebook which I used all AnimeNEXT and got updated on any events I wanted to see.

The panels got the least of my attention this year because nothing really grabbed me but we sat in on a panel to take a break and discovered a band called Stardrop was finishing up their live performance. I did go to check out Sam & Bill since I was interested in seeing their set and I have to say their set of comedy isn’t my taste so I did end of leaving after a few minutes. A few of their jokes made me uncomfortable so I didn’t stay there’s no telling how the rest of their set goes but you guys should give them a try and see if you like their style.

Overall the con was fun but didn’t beat last year so hopefully, next year if we have the pleasure of going, it’ll be an even better experience. No other way to go but up, LCAC has a lot of potentials to pick up where they were lacking. LCAC is always a fun con in NYC to go to with so many of them happening all summer LCAC has to be my favorite to visit in the city of all the ones I’ve attended over the years because they usually improve the following year.

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