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This year at Liberty City Anime Convention (LCAC) everyone discovered that this was the last year and final performance of the band 2une.  This was my first time listening to the band because in the previous years I was never able to make it in time to see the band perform. 2une has been performing together for three years at LCAC and had many great performances. This year for their final show 2une’s Sneko and Uno had a combined performance together with Ari.Ki (Ari and Ki). Ari.Ki are twin dancers that perform their own choreography, I really enjoyed listening to the band and watching the dance performances.

The performances were amazing, the choreography of Ari.Ki was in sync with every song and their performance was spectacular. I loved listening to all the songs, each song made you want to dance along. I loved the cute outfits they wore, I was obsessed with Ki’s hat. I love to listen to Uno and Sneko vocal pitch. 2une wrote their own original song and performed it called “Colorize Your World”. Ari.Ki. choreographed the dance routine for the song, it was beautiful and very touching performance. They performed the song first in Japanese then they performed it in English.

Unfortunately, this is the last year of 2une but it does not mean they will not continue to perform. I really enjoyed Ari.Ki and hope to see them again next year perform at LCAC. 2une was a really good band together. I loved how everyone synced with each other, I hope in the near future 2une will reunite and perform a concert at LCAC.

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