the Blackfinity Gauntlet at J1-Con 2018


the Blackfinity Gauntlet is a conference on the world of Podcasting brought to you by Rob of The Black Geeks and the lovely staff of J1-Studios.


This conference will provide various workshops on podcasting featuring popular Podcasters of Color. This will be the second conference, a few notable attendees from the first event includes Black Girl Nerds, For All Nerd Show (F.k.a Fan Bros Show) and The Black Tribbles.
This sounds promising, the world of podcasting is still pretty new to me. Diving deeper into the community from a different angle sounds fun, I’ve even pondered the idea of possibly starting up my own. So this would be a great opportunity to put a magnifying glass on something that I’m interesting in.

This event is open to all attendees of J1-Con at no additional cost. So come out for the event, ask some questions, mingle with some established professionals and just have a good time and maybe learn something while you’re at it.
Blackfinity Gauntlet podcast conference will take place on Saturday, September 15th beginning at 10 am until 2pm in the Bourbon Room f.k.a (formerly known as) The House of Blues.

Hope to see you there!


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