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This weekend at J1-Con we will be hitting the music fest on Saturday to see the 4 music performances lined up. The acts set to perform are Sys2matik Ovrl0ad, Andrea M, Rachael Rota and Reef of Law 27. I’ve never heard any of their music prior to writing this post and I have to say it is a mixed bunch and it’s a mix of music that everyone can enjoy. The performances will be held in The Bourbon Room in The ShowBoat Hotel in Atlantic City, this will be my first time at the ShowBoat hotel and The Bourbon Room and the setup with the seats and stage looks amazing. This venue is attached to the hotel which is a bonus and just from looking at the photo it looks like music sounds great in here, I’m excited to see everyone perform at this venue.

Andrea M

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Let’s start with Andrea M. because we share the same name, She’s a singer-songwriter from Delaware that now resides in Massachusetts. Andrea’s album Words to live by released in 2014 is a good body of work from a first impression point of view. I really enjoyed it and saw this on the description on her CD Baby profile and thought this describes her music perfectly.

Debut album of uplifting music from a new pop/soul songwriter with a clear, pretty vocals. Sounds like Colbie Caillat with the empowering messages of Sara Bareilles.

I love Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles music so it really fell right into place with me. I’m excited to hear Andrea’s music live its a very mellow vibe and her lyrics are really inspiring. Natasha Bedingfield could be added into the mix as well but I think Andrea can break away from the comparisons because her voice feels more soulful than pop to me and that can differentiate from the others. I can also see her voicing a Disney princess that’s just from my first listen to her album her voice fits a Disney princess perfectly.

Andrea M

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Sys2matik Ovrl0ad

Sys2matik Ovrl0ad is a band with a mixed genre of goth, industrial and electronic. I will pass on listening to their whole album before the con because I haven’t enjoyed a good rock/metal concert in a long time and I want to enjoy this performance fresh ears.
While researching I did find a live performance that made me make my decision to check them out, I want to have a new music experience with them and I believe I will enjoy it based on their live performance just from this video. Visually seeing them reminds me of Marilyn Manson and I’m a fan so this will be exciting to see live.

Sys2matik Ovrl0ad

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Rachael Rota

Rachael is an acoustic soul singer from Philadelphia and I have to say my first impressions were pretty good. Rachael has a lovely voice, especially for acoustic covers. Rachael has a lot of covers on her profiles and one original song which I thought I’d find more music or updated acoustic covers of songs.
I have mixed feelings about seeing Rachael’s performance at the music fest. I really hope she does more updated songs if she’s going to do any acoustic covers and maybe she’ll debut some original songs. I really like the soft voice and I wonder how she will sound in The Bourbon Room from the looks of the venue I think her voice will sound amazing in such a big space.

Rachael Rota

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Reef of Law 27

Image via Bandcamp

Reef is a DJ and producer from New Jersey. Reef is also a Hip-Hop artist as well as the founder of LAW 27 collective. I’m a huge fan of Hip-Hop music and I have to say I do like Reef’s vibe and I hope he performs Why Not it’s one of the songs I like from the collection of songs I listened to.

With Reef being a DJ as well I’m going to assume he’s going to perform as well as play a set for the J1-Con afterparty because it would make sense to me. This might not be the case and another DJ may host the party but maybe Reef will show us his skills during his performance. Judging from Reef’s music I think I would like to hear what his set vibes like because a room can really break the vibe of a DJ.

Reef of LAW 27

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Super Thrash Bros

Super Thrash Bros is a video game soundtrack cover band and they are awesome! Listening to what they have on their ReverbNation profile is quality stuff. I really didn’t know what I was going to hear and I’m blown away, I’m fascinated by anyone that can remake theme songs that sound exactly like the original. I’m looking forward to their performance because I heard a few covers that bought back great childhood memories of endless video games.

This is a song that plays when you visit Lavender Town in Pokemon Red and Blue

Super Thrash Bros

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