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This year I am looking forward to being able to see Erica Mendez. She is an American Voice Actress and has done voice-overs for many different anime characters. One role she did was the voice of Gon Freecss in the English version of Hunter x Hunter. Gon was the main character of the anime series which is a big role, she has voiced many other anime characters even some of my favorite characters.

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Erica Mendez has also done different works in video games as well. One of the first major roles she played was the voice of Pac-Man in Pac-Man and his Ghostly Adventures. It was a 3D adventure game that came out for multiple platforms, it also was adapted as an anime series. The anime series ran 3 different seasons. The first season was the longest and it ran 26 episodes while the other seasons ran 13 episodes.

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Erica Mendez is a huge anime fan that became a voice actor, which for many can be a dream come true working in a field with something you love. I hope that I can learn more about Erica Mendez and her story in becoming a voice actor. I would like to know what process and steps she took in order to achieve such success in becoming a voice actor, I can not wait to sit in Erica Mendez’s panel at J1-Con.

Erica Mendez’s panel will be at Panel room B at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

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