I can not wait to attend Steve Conte concert at J1-Con. Steve Conte is an American musician, music producer, guitarist, songwriter, and the lead singer of his own band: Steve Conte NYC. He has done many different projects throughout his career, I love hearing his raspy voice it is very soothing to listen to. His voice is a mix of Billy Joel and David Bowie to me. Most of his music is old school rock. Steve Conte has worked together with different composers and lyricists on various anime soundtracks.

He worked on songs with Yoko Kanno who is one of my favorite composers. Yoko Kanno’s music is definitely on my playlist, he worked with Yoko Kanno on the theme song to Wolf’s Rain called “Stray”. Steve Conte also worked on other songs from Wolf’s Rain such as “Could You Bite the Hand” and “Heaven’s Not Enough”. Wolf’s Rain is a good anime if you have not seen it yourself. 

The anime is about wolves that are nearly extinct that are trying to go to Paradise a place of ultimate bliss. The old legend is that only the wolves know how to get there when the world is near its end. Kiba is the leader of the wolf pack and comes across Lunar Flower (Cheza) who is the key to opening the door to Paradise. The anime is very good and sad as well, I want to mention the main character Kiba looks very similar to Steve Conte himself in the photo above

I can’t wait to attend the panel he’s hosting, I hope I can hear him sing his songs from Wolf’s Rain and from other anime projects he’s worked on. I am also interested in hearing him perform some of his original music as well, Steve Conte is a very talented person and I’m excited to hear how he sounds live. 

Steve Conte will be in Panel Room B at 2 p.m and performing on Sunday, September 16th.

We’ll be at the convention all weekend and you are welcomed to check us out. Be sure to follow us on all our social media because we’ll be updating them regularly.

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