Steamdeck Diaries – Episode 1 (Hello Steamdeck)


It is January 9th 2023, first payday into the new year and I am looking to make the first purchase that has changed my life for the better. As soon as my pay was deposited into my account, I went to Valve’s website. I purchased the Steamdeck 512 GB Model along with the official dock.

I have done my homework for over a year and I made sure I knew what version I wanted to purchase. When SteamDeck released in Feb of 2022, there was a shortage of SemiConductors. There were massive pre-orders and everyone was waiting forever to order a SteamDeck. It was broken off to Q1 2022, Q2 2022, Q3 2022 and Q4 2022. Valve kept up as much as they could with the demand and eventually was able to meet with the demands of their customers by Fall of 2022.

January 12th of 2023, this was waiting at my job for me to pick up. My shift went by pretty fast on that day and I went home. I opened the packages and there was the SteamDeck along with the dock.

Crisp Matte Black Anti-Glare Screen. I have fallen in love and learned soo much about the SteamDeck and the opportunities are endless. I will recommend anyone who loves technology along with gaming and wanted a pocket pc on the go. The best of both worlds. Episode 2 will be more detailed of SDD. (SteamDeck Diaries)

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