Soulcial Sunday – Anime NYC + Anniversary


We’re right at the tip of the new year! 2019 is literally a little over a month away and the giving season is in full effect. November celebrates our 3rd year on WordPress, it seems like so long ago we started this blog. We’re many years into SDE but our online presence is 3 years strong and we can only go harder.
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Anime NYC was just last weekend and we’re still reeling in from the fun of the last con of the year for us! We still have so much to push out for Anime NYC so be sure to keep a lookout for our Vlog and more post coming this week, as well as all the photos we took, will be on our Instagram be sure you’re following.

In Case You Missed It

This year was a slow year to come to an end but it was very fun. This month for our anniversary we’ve been super busy and wanted to at least celebrate in a special way like we do every year but it didn’t happen this year. So we curated a special playlist for our 3rd-anniversary celebration on Spotify.

Many of you are our inspirations to keep pushing with SDE and create what we envision for our company. You guys support us and show us through your work that all it takes is hard work and consistency and people will come to what you have built. We appreciate all of you for supporting and we will always return the love because without your support we wouldn’t have been able to see the bigger picture for our goals. Blessings for abundant success for all of us in the near future for personal and business.

We have some great things in the works for 2019! We had our setbacks that made a few things harder to accomplish this year but our eyes are set on making all of it happen in 2019. We’ll be making big announcements in the new year about our new ventures and once again blessings for abundant success for all of us next year!
We’ve all been working hard this year! I’m talking about you too lol let us all make sure next year is our year to better ourselves and keep the wheels moving. Self-care is very important as well so be sure to keep up with yourself in this process of work, life and achieving these goals!

The specially curated playlist celebrates what we loved about this year and our growth and failures we’ve experienced together. Hopefully, this playlist can be an inspiration to all of you listening to it to keep pushing for all your goals, no matter how small it is just go for it.

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