Welcome to the pits of hell with these past few days of Summer in NYC. It’s too hot to go outside. But we will power through it this weekend when we hit Liberty City Anime Con.
This will be our first time going there as a group and we all bought 3-day tickets. There will be a lot of photos of cosplayers and if any cosplayers see their photos on out site please let us know we want to put you name on the posts so people know where to find you. The cosplayers always do an excellent job each and every time we see them they are amazing!

Maybe one year we’ll cosplay but for the time being we’re just admirers.
On our website is the upcoming events we will be at for the next couple of weeks. There will be pictures, blog posts and vlogs going up on our YouTube channel for each event we attend. If you’re on mobile you can view the full website by clicking the link at the very bottom to see the calendar.

There will be a Manganka Spotlight coming soon. The Manganka we’re celebrating this time around is the one and only Nanoa Bohra and some of her work.
Stay positive and hydrated in this heat it’s very draining just going out to work or play.

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Dream Fearlessly with Never Ending Possibilities.

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