Sakura Matsuri Festival 2016


We attended the Sakura Matsuri Festival in Brooklyn’s Botanical Garden on April 30th I took a few pictures of some performers we saw and so many flowers. When we arrived it was so packed we’ve been going every year and this year it seems to be more and more people coming its harder to move around but its more fun with all these people that cosplay.
`Now we did get to catch a few minutes of The Asterplace performing some anime theme songs they even performed the Naruto theme song. I’m not that tall so I really couldn’t get a clean shot this was the best since we already arrived in the middle of the performance.

The Asterplace

 After staying for the performance we walked by a crowd of people taking pictures and decided to take a picture I was a broccoli for like 2 minutes because Alice doesn’t know how to take a picture here’s the evidence of me beginning to laugh at her as a broccoli with extra spirit fingers.

Drey the Broccoli

Here’s some more photos I took while there it wasn’t as much as I wanted to show but on top of the sun beaming down and crowds of people getting in a lot of my photos here’s the ones I didn’t get rid of. I have a lot of photos of the flowers and trees that will be posted in the photography tab. As a beginner I feel like I’m getting better at taking shots of people I just need to work on it some more so I can feel really comfortable about it.

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