The WINC ( Women In Comics Convention) was on March 12th this is its second year and still going strong, the event was created by Regine L. Sawyer. The SDE team visited the event at the Bronx Library Center to check it out since this was the first time we have heard of it we got a few pictures of the event and the purchases that I made there. I spent way over the budget I was aiming for but I did pick up a lot of art to add to my wall. There were so many artists with beautiful art both women and men came out to support the artist that came to sell their work. We didn’t buy from everyone and I think we only missed 2 tables that we didn’t go up to.These are all the prints I bought and info about the artist.

Artist: Sheeba Maya


These are the zodiacs and Sheeba used herself as inspiration each piece of her work looks like her.

Artist: Nadia Burgess


She is also a cake creator in her portfolio she had pictures of the cakes she bakes for people you would have to get in contact with her to get a price on a cake you want created.

Artist: (H)afrocentric


I bought this shirt and poster because I already knew who was on the shirt and who the poster was about. The poster is the image of what the heroic Bree Newsome did in 2015 when she took down the confederate flag from South Carolina capitol flagpole. The shirt is for the following black feminist  Angela Davis, Audre Lorde and Bell Hooks. Naima Pepper is a character from the (H)afrocentrics comic.

Artist: Javier Cruz Winnik


The comic that Javier is working on A Reason to Smile has such a positive message and Javier himself is a positive person it was really pleasant to talk to him.

Artist: Julie Anderson


We stopped by this table and I literally just bought all her art. There was the little girl with the stare and hair then the water color picture which is so beautiful to see everyday you find something new each time using your imagination and the sketch book has a lot of portraits of people that supported Julie and many sketches like the kitten and more. She does paint over shoes she did the dragon ball z shoes on display which are much better in person and probably even better if you owned a pair.

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