Overview of Liberty City Anime Con 2016


This is the second year of the Liberty City Anime Con  (LCAC) it’s in Manhattan which is convenient. This is also the first time we went there. They have 3 years already lined up in hotels around Manhattan if you want more info on that click this link Liberty City.

So let’s first talk about the location. As a New Yorker this hotel being right next to Times Square was horrible because we can’t avoid the traffic of people Times Square brings so there’s a lot of pushing involved to get there and home. The hotel was pretty nice the funny part about all this was the hotel guest that knew nothing about anime cons constantly asking cosplayers or looking at them with their crazy faces.



The cosplayers were amazing as always at any convention. People work so hard to put together these costumes that you really have to praise them for their hard work. Many of the cosplayers that get stopped a lot during the convention for pictures still manage to keep a happy face on and stay collected more power to you for that.

Many of the panels were a mess from start to finish. We went to one panel and it seem like each and every other panel we wanted to go to, the panelists didn’t show or it was moved last minute it was a total mess. I really hope that next year when we go back that panelists will actually show and everything is together. I don’t blame LCAC for the no shows I put all that on the panelist for being unprofessional to cancel or not show up the day of their events.

The performances were great as expected. The reni reni performance was a mess because they didn’t know her track list for the songs she was performing. 2une was nervous about their performance and you can tell it was very cute. Psyche was beautiful her voice was really amazing ans her whole concept was new to me so it was a great experience. Asterplace took down the house like they usually do this is my second time seeing them perform and it gets better each time. We decided to skip out on Schaffer the Darklord performance after we searched his YouTube and heard a few songs we weren’t going to sit through something we didn’t like. We had an amazing tine listening to the j-music Ensemble they highlighted our last day at the convention.

Overall we liked the con since this is the second year hopefully LCAC will learn from this year’s mistakes and make it better each year it comes back around. I’m hoping to see more cosplayers and more autograph signings since talk about LCAC should pick up. I’m praying that panels work out better next year, it’s usually what I look forward to when going to conventions. I would recommend anyone up for a convenient and small convention LCAC is perfect for you. Think about going next year registration for next year has already started at Liberty City.

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Here’s a few photos I took more can be seen on the Photography Page.
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