The Saga of Tanya the Evil 幼女戦記


If you wanna see an anime with a little diva who can destroy an army on her own, this is the anime for you. Saga of Tanya the Evil, also known as Yojo Senki 幼女戦記 written by Carlo Zen with the illustrations was done by Shinobu Shinotsuki. This anime is a psychological thriller with a main character who challenges religious beliefs.

The story begins with a Japanese salary man who does not believe in religion. In the moment of his death, the entity he calls “Being X” appears. The Japanese man made a deal with Being X, that if he is unable to die a natural death or refuses to have faith in the entity, his soul would be sent to hell. The man was condemned to be reborn in a world were the country is fighting a World War. In this new world, the man was reborn as a female named Tanya Degurechaff.

Still refusing to accept the existence of Being X, Tanya joins the Empire’s Mage Division.  Yet she tries to avoid the front lines but seems to be dragged into the war by some mysterious force. She quickly climbs the ranks in the army because of her magic. Tanya has a unique ability but she can only use her magic by when grant by Being X”.

Tanya is the youngest soldier in the force but a force to be reckoned with. She is ruthless. Tanya will do what ever it takes to advance her career and avoid her own death regardless of who gets in her way.  This little Diva can take a man down in her heartbeat. Her magic gives Tanya the ability to shoot someone from miles away with excellent accuracy. This a fun action thriller to watch. If you want to see a little girl sniper with insane accuracy this is for you. Tanya may be a cute little girl but, a force to be reckoned with.

This is a fun action packed thriller to watch.  If you want to see a little girl sniper with insane accuracy, this is definitely for you. Tanya may be a cute little girl but don’t let that fool you.

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