I use to love Gohan. He was my favorite character from the franchise only coming second to Future Trunks. But I felt connected to Gohan because we sort of grew up together. Then enter the Saiyanman arch, this was something I struggled to accept. Low-key hurt my feelings. LOL  But I digress.

I didn’t have an issue with him studying and conforming to Chichi wishes of making him a responsible young man. Let’s be honest, his old man ain’t shit. Aside from Piccolo guidance, what other responsible role model did he have.  Hence Chichi needed to work him twice as hard.   My issues with Gohan began when he became the Great Saiyan. That Mighty Morphing Power Rangers tutting he was doing was a no-no.

I also feel like he never reached his full potential as a warrior which also sparked some disappointment.  But I understood, he is half human, and while it was a lot easier for him to go Super Saiyan in comparison to Vegeta and Goku, he would never be able to overpower either warrior. It’s just not physically possible.
Other than that, it was all good.  I was able to come to turns with all of that. Though I still didn’t fuck with the Saiyaman suit.

Then entered Resurrection F and Battle of the Gods, reopening old wounds.


How do you go from this (Left) to that (Right)?  I understand that he gave up on the path of the warrior and took on a regular job. Alright cool, do you? But come on son, where did your body go?  At least be able to fill that track suit that you adopted.

All jokes aside, how is he not even training occasionally? The earth is literally always under attack. And you just let yourself go.  It’s crazy. This reflection spawned from a video and blog post I encountered a few months back.

Open Letter to Gohan

  Responsible Citizen: In Defense of Gohan 

So is Gohan Trash or Nah?

Let me know in the comment section Below.

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  1. Compared to what he could’ve been Gohan is ass even compared to teen Gohan. At one point Gohan was stronger than Goku and Vegeta but now he’s a shrimp, I honestly wonder what he could’ve been if he kept training.

      1. Toriyama is the Francise leading troll. He literally does this to everyone. Takes them from Pack Leading warrior to invalid. Lol maybe not a invalid but you catch my drift. Something else that really bugs me is that romance literally killed the warrior in videl too. She was facinated enough by it, that she attached herself to him by the hip and you gone let your shorty go out that. LOL Then again Mr. Satan was pops, so should I really be expecting more.
        Your right, Teen Gohan during the Cell Games was stronger then vegeta. Teen Gohan was stronger then Future Gohan but not Goku. Goku reveals later that he could go SS level 2 during that time but he wanted Gohan to be the one to do it. So he took the L.
        Goku really aint shit. LoL.
        Thanks for comment family. Appreciate it

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