On Netflix is a bed of anime that needs to be watched now I selected Psycho – Pass as the anime i would binge watch and I made it all the away to they end and never lost interest each episode was more exciting than the last i wanted to see how it would end.
Psycho Pass is like the baby of two of my favorite anime Cowboy Bebop & Gantz. As I was sitting through the series I loved the gore it was just as raw as Gantz and one of the main characters Shinya Kogami reminds me of Spike and all his badassness also Shogo Makishima is the villain of the series and he reminds me so much of Vicious from

Cowboy Bebop silver hair and all their rivalry is the same as in Cowboy Bebop. Reliving the infamous rivalry in a different environment was a breath of fresh air and repetitive but highly entertaining as you grow with the characters.

If you seen Cowboy Bebop then you can see some similarities this series did have it’s own twist on things and it was very entertaining kudos to the creators at Production I.G.
I have yet to see the second season but I know that it should be just as good. I recommend this series to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet and it’s a good series about what a future controlled by computers look like.

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