I’ve seen this anime a while back and I started re-watching it last week and thought it would be a good recommendation. This anime is related to our reality that re-watching it has me thinking a lot about my own personal problems. That is what anime does to you every now and again. I recommend this anime because we can relate it to any of our personal adventures it’s a good show to watch as someone life unravels and then they put it all back together.

The story is about 2 women that share thee same name and are complete opposites they meet on a train going to Tokyo. Komatsu Nana is going to Tokyo to live with her boyfriend and hope to have the perfect life. Osaki Nana is going to Tokyo to get out of her hometown and start her music career. These two women we’re on different paths and they met again when looking for a place to stay in Tokyo they ended up renting this apartment together and there on started living their lives together. The story goes on a day to day basis through their lives from love to heartbreak with all the fun in between.

Animated Reality.

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