Ouran High School Host Club


OSHC by Bisco Hatori

Ouran follows Haruhi Fujioka a scholarship student at the famous Ouran Academy. After,unknowingly walking into the club headquarters of the Ouran Host Club. Due to unforeseen circumstances she is forced into the Host Club to pay off a debt.
One thing I really loved about Haruhi was her sense of indifference.  Which was something I could relate too.  Her cool aura, the courage and confidence she often displayed. Being in an environment so different from her normal reality would make most people flattered but not Haruhi. She genuinely just accepted things and people alike. And it was something she considered important she put in extra effort.

As for the rest of the Host Club. My favorite host was Mori Senpai. Why? Not clue but, I think it’s combination of things. His aura. His dedicated personality. And maybe even the his voice. I saw the Japanese version first.   My ears latch on things way before my eyes usually do. So yeah.

My number two would have to be Kyouya Ootori. Brilliant, slick and super suave. In a real life scenario, I doubt we would get along.

So, who was your favorite host? Favorite Scene?  All that Jazz.

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