New York Comic Con 2016: Overview


New York Comic Con was lite. The team and I had a phenomenal time.  Saw a former Co-worker/friend. Bump into a few other acquaintances. And even brought my baby cousin along for his first convention.  The little guy fell asleep when we sat down to eat lunch on Sunday. Hysterical. He’s not built for the blerd life.  But let’s get right into it.


One of my favorite things to do when going to a Conventions is observing the Cosplay.  Ninjas, Scouts, Saiyans, Mutants and Iconic cereal box characters.  Oh yeah and Bernie. Did I mention that I saw a Bernie Sanders cosplayer?  Feel the burn Baby! LOL That was definitely a nice surprise.
I have huge respect for cosplayers. Especially those who uphold the tradition and make their own costumes.  From creating patterns, hunting down fabrics to designing props. Those who tackle the most minuscule details like the choice of thread color to get that most authentic look. Those who do it all. The dedication and focus that these fans have is admirable.  Nerd Excellence at it’s best.
I also always get really happy when I see Cosplayers of Color. We need more representation within the community. We should be uplifting each other as whole.  Not beefing with each other. Same goes for the “Cosplay Is Not Consent Movement” sexually harassment shouldn’t be a thing either. We all need to respect one another.

Drey and I attended the NYCC Eastern Championship of Cosplay on Saturday Evening.  That’s where I saw Count Chocula. Hands down my favorite costume. Voltron was pretty damn impressive too.  And so were some of the other competitors.
Then there was the Show Floor (Dealers/Merchants Room). It stretched out across the entire Jacob Javits Center show room. Starting at aisle 100 ending at 2800 or 2900.  Vendors on top of vendor.  Funko Pop, Crunchy Roll, Marvel and Viz Media being some of the major players. Funimation, Dark Horse and Lego being some of the others.
I snagged Captain American Shield and Autographed Poster from people involed with Black Panther.  When I saw Prodigy from legendary Hip Hop Duo Mobb Deep. I knew I had to stop by take advantage of this opportunity.  After getting on-line, I noticed Jean Grae which was another really nice surprise.
In the three days, I attended the Convention. I only visited Artist Alley Once. The Show Floor is where everything really unfolds.  But a lot of the pieces I saw in artist alley were really beautiful. Whenever our Comic Con vlog drops you make catch glimpse of some art work.  In the mean time, peep below.

 Viz Media’s 30th Aniversary Mangaka Tribute Wall

Lastly, I wanna touch basis on the panels. I attended three panels over the span of the weekend.

Boom! Bap! Pow!!: The (r)evolution of Hip Hop and Comics Books

  • Method Man
  • DMC
  • Axel Alonso
  • Bill Slenklewicz


 Hip-Hop & Comics: Cultures Combining.

  • Prodigy (Mobb Deep)
  • likwuid stylez
  • Johnny Juice
  • Eric Orr
  • 7L & Esoteric

  • Adam “Illus” Wallenta

  • Jean Grae

    We also attended a Creator Connection: Facilitated Professional Networking panel very briefly.  Hosted by Buddy Scalera.  I learned a few things.  It was also nice hearing people talk about their indie journey. Very motivational. Lord willing, we’ll have our time too at SDE.

    Definitely looking forward to it.

    All Photographs courtesy of Drey.  Check out our photography page for more.

    How was your New York Comic experience?  Let me know below.

    Thank you for dropping by.


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  1. Omg comic con was awesome.
    I’m glad you made it into the cosplay contest. That was sooo cool. The girl who won deserved it. The detail on her dress was amazing. Glad you enjoyed it too

    1. Definitely was amazing. The focus and time she had to put in to get it there though. being that dedicated is admirable. the other contestants weren’t easily overlooked either. I was in awe the entire time. aside from Count Chocula I was really surprised to Voltron. it was a fun night.
      thanks for showing love.

      1. Omg count chocula was huge and the host was funny when he stood next to him. Hahah and I liked when voltron and his little voltrons came on the stage. Was def an awesome experience .

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