This was my first year at BOOKCON. I thought at first it was going to be boring and that there would only book signings but I was wrong, BOOKCON was really interesting. I turned out to be something I did not expect. I never really thought of the process people put into books. I had the opportunity to meet some really good authors and learned about their stories. It was interesting to see how people can turn their fantasy into a reality through a story.

Kevin Hart

I went to two different panels one with Kevin Heart with the release of his new book ” I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons” BOOKCON was not what I was expecting. I thought it was boring but it turned out quiet the opposite. This was BOOKCON’s second year running, there were tons of book authors and publishing companies promoting. I had the opportunity to speak to some author’s about their books and learn how they were able to create their stories into words. It helped me respect authors more as they put their passion in their writing.

Ryan Higa

I also went to the Ryan Higa panel where he talked about his book “How To Write Good” where the interactions with his fans were the best moments. These were two interesting panels and books. Each author wrote about their life story, it is exciting to see how someone started and was able to reach their success by never giving up hope. I’m not a big fan of autobiographies but these two books look like a very good read.

BOOKCON is a place for book lovers, If you are a lover of books this is the place to be. I purchased a couple of books myself, I was excited that people actually gave you books for free which, is kind of rare at conventions. I picked up some cool posters and bookmarks and a whole lot of stuff. 😁 I will definitely be attending BOOKCON next year.

Here’s a few photos of the panels

Here’s a clip from the Kevin Hart Panel from BOOKCON

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