Ne-Yo & I Heart Radio Concert

I Heart Radio held a live concert for the release of Ne-Yo’s new album Non-Fiction The concert was hosted by the one and only Angie Martinez The performance was streamed live on the website and a few of the songs we’re heard live on I Heart Radio App. Ne-Yo performed more of his older music and a few from his new album. He was very entertaining he and Angie together cracked a lot of jokes had everyone feeling good and smiling.

Half of evening was focused on Ne-Yo’s towel throwing skills because he had us on alert the first time he threw a towel he smacked a girl in her eye of course he apologized after he finished the song but she was still singing and dancing holding her eye down. The second time he threw a towel it hit a woman dead smack in the face no warning in fact he didn’t look like he was going to toss the towel he just released in the middle of hand movement. After that we all we’re on guard having a good time and watching his towel movements his last towel came into the crowd and the girl in front of me caught it but not going to lie I did flinch overall I would pay to see a Ne-Yo show.
Let’s talk about the album Non-Fiction it is gold R&B music it felt like what R&B has been missing since the mid-2000s everything about the album made you realize real music will be harder to come by than it already is.
Here’s a list of my top 5 off the album
1. Religious/Ratchet Wit Yo Friends
2. She Said I’m Hood Tho
4.She Knows Feat. Juicy J
5.Story Time
The link below is to our YouTube page where some videos from the concert hopefully I caught the towel assassination on video lol.

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