Michael Bay to Produce Dora the Explorer Movie


I’m scanning through my YouTube subscription timeline.  Which consists mostly of music. Music videos, interviews, commentary and etc.  Too my surprise, I come across this video by Black Critic Guy titled: DORA THE EXPLORER LIVE ACTION FILM!?!? IS THIS A JOKE!? Unfortunately,  it checks out.

Yes, you read it correctly. Michael Bay! The dude behind Transformers.  Is going to produce a Live action Dora the Explorer movie.   I laughed. To be honest, I can see why this is a smart move from a business perspective.  It  will give opportunity to further monopolize on a franchise whom has in the past been very profitable.  Spin off, clothing, videos games and tons of other merchandise. People of all ages like Dora. Here I am, grown as hell, talking about Dora.  But still, I have so many questions.

But why?

Let’s be real about this. Hollywood sucks when it comes to live action adaptations.  Look at the Last Air Bender. TRASH! Someone might have a different opinion but the ratings for that particular movie weren’t good.  Maybe Nick Stroller is a huge Dora fan and will surprise us with a solid story.   I do not have high hopes.   Then again, it is very unlikely that I will watch this movie. One thing is pretty clear.  These live action adaptations are going to continue start happening more frequently.Michael Bay is known for his work on Transformers.  One of the first things, my mind conjured up was Backpack in CGI. Since magic is involved, in some shape or form Backpack can transform like Bumblebee. Gadgets in disguise! LOL
This is a disaster waiting to happen. I don’t want to dive too deep in but… Dora and Diego, speak Spanglish. I know Spanish was only used in a vocabulary context but it was still spoken. How are they going to handle this in a natural manner?  I’m curious s to say the least.

Bay’s and Stroller’s swung at Dora is slated for release in 2019.

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    1. Fuckery to the max. Lol Samuel L. Jackson would make things sort of interesting though. He’s done solid voice over work before. I here there is also Sonic movie in the works too. Madness

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