Manhwa Artist Spotlight: Heart to Give


2 of 7 Week Long Series Celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.


This is a ongoing project it is 8 volumes long but only 2 of them have been translated but the story is interesting that’s what made me want o actually wait for it. I usually wait for any Manhwa or Manga to be completed or close to done before I start reading but this one caught my eye and the story was one you don’t encounter all the time.

Summary: Earth suffers a cataclysm. Three godlike beings emerge to rule over survivors. Overlord Ga-nok controls all waters. He nourishes nations with rain or blights them with drought.Yet, despite his terrifying abilities, the Water King can’t win the heart of the woman Sui because the human heart contains more intense storms than even he can create. Furthermore, Sui seeks to fulfill a vendetta… and the power to slay the Water King
 So far in the 2 volumes that are out the relationship between Ga-nok and Sui relationship is as complicated as it can get he’s really possessive and somewhat protective (just in a few scenes) He is also very aggressive towards her but Sui is still married to Ga-nok and she hates his guts he destroyed her home village by submerging the entire village under water (he is the water god) and the only way to kill a god is to go to the forbidden Death Village and get whatever it is that kills a god. 
Now I think this story will play out and she may not kill him, I think she is going to fall back in love and the story will end with the happily ever after but we have to wait 6 more volumes to find out. Also I’m dying to know why did Ga-nok kill everyone in Sui’s village that is something I want to know the reason and it’s killing me for more volumes to be translated. I’m will aware of how long this will take and I well patiently wait for a few mangas to be published before I start reading this again.

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