LCAC 2018: 2une Returns to Perform!


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In 2016 I covered 2une at LCAC and it was such a great performance and we also saw them perform last year. 2une has been together for 3 years now and Sneko and Uno seem to still be going strong even though they haven’t uploaded any new music in a while their songs are still catchy. They were so cute during their performances so this year because they are switching it up by performing with Ari.Ki. The performance is on Friday, August 17 at 1:30pm in the main event area.

This is my first time hearing about Ari.Ki and now I’m interested in seeing how the performance will be. Ari.Ki (Ari and Ki) are a twin dance group that has performed in Japan and US showing off their original choreography. Their videos are really fun to watch and I’ll share those down below. I’m excited to support 2une and Ari.Ki this year. Below are all their info as well as Music from 2une and dance videos from Ari.Ki.

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Check Out 2une

Facebook | LCAC 2016: 2une Performance | Twitter | Bandcamp (Music) | YouTube | Sneko’s Facebook | Uno’s Facebook

Check Out Ari.Ki

YouTube | Facebook | Ki’s Twitter | Ari’s Twitter

Photos of 2une’s LCAC 2016 performance 

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