LCAC 2018: Reni Reni Returns!



The past two years of LCAC we have seen Reni Reni and this year she comes back to LCAC. Reni’s music is so energizing I can see why she would be a fan favorite because she is one of the only acts I’ve seen that actually go into the audience and interact. The past performances we’ve caught will be below but this post was written by Lizzo for our 2016 press coverage of LCAC and Reni’s performance. Reni is set to perform at LCAC 2018 Sunday, August 19 at 11am, be sure to catch her performance if you’re at LCAC this weekend. I’ll also link a few videos of her music and performances. 

 Check Out Reni Reni

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Playlist of Reni Reni Music Videos


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