LCAC 2018: Over The Top Japanese Fashion Panel


This year I went into a panel that discussed the different Japanese styles that we can also see in the anime shows that we watch or, what people actually wear in Japan. It was reiterated that these styles are not to be confused with cosplay. The panel was moderated by Creep-P. It was a very interesting and educational panel. Many people confuse some of the styles with cosplay. There are several different style trends in Japan such as Dekora, Gyaru, Shironuri, Mori, Ishokuada, Visual Kei, Lolita, Manhera, and many more. Each style has its own uniqueness. The styles were created to break the social norm and allow people to be more free to express themselves.

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Dekora is a popular style in Japan which is different styles mashed together with different accessories. The common colors seen with this fashion is dark pink, pink, black, and neon colors. An example would be a hoodie, shirt, and a tutu. Most of the styles are experimental mix and match. The style focuses mainly in the different excessive accessories that a person puts on. It is a very interesting and unique style in Japan.

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Another popular style in Japan is Gyaru, a princess like style that focuses on girly and glamour. It usually known for its man-made beauty such as wigs, fake nails, fake eyelashes and so on. The style is very hyper feminine and over the top.

Another style that shares the same concept is the Ganguro style that includes bright colors, mini-skirts, and tie-dyed sarongs. Sarongs are a large lengthy tube shirt. Many people who wear this style bleach their hair, deep tan, wear lots of jewelry, platform shoes, black and white eyeliner with fake eyelashes. There are many more different unique styles.

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Each style has its own uniqueness. The different styles are all interesting and I would like to learn more about different Japanese styles. The panel was interesting and I learned so much about the different styles in Japan. I learned why that these styles can easily be confused with cosplay.  I would like to thank Creep-P for this interesting panel and hope to go to more panels like this.

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