Interview with Jinsoo (진수)



1) Please, Introduce yourself?  
Hey, I’m Jinsoo (진수) and I’m terrible with self introductions haha.
2) How would you describe your sound?  
It will be best described as being all over the place. I just want to do whatever feels good. I sing all kinds of songs in Korean, English, and sometimes Japanese and Chinese
3) Creatively, who are your biggest influences?                                                                              Ann One, Outkast, Erykah Badu, too many people to list lol. I listen to SO much music and it all has an effect on me.
4) Are you currently working on any new music?                                                                            I’m trying lol!, which should be soon. My mind is always working. There’s no shortage of ideas, for sure.
5) What are some of your career goals?                                                                                              I’ve always just wanted to make good, honest music. One of my main goals since childhood has been becoming a Korean singer. I’ve been working towards that since I was about 8 years old.
6) We are a blog powered by nerd culture. how long have you been into anime/ or manga? Does it influence your music at all?                                                                                       I’ve been into anime since elementary school. I started showing interest in manga in middle school but didn’t really get into it until late last year. I went from not owning a single volume to having volumes of several series in practically no time lol. My favorite series right now is Real  (リアル), another masterpiece from Inoue Takehiko. Manga and anime certainly influence me in all aspects of my life. Art, especially.
7) Favorite anime? If any?
It’s a tie between Samurai Champloo and One Piece.
8) If you could be any character in any fictional platform. Who would it be and why?
This is a tough one. I connect with so many characters. Maybe I’d be Roronoa Zoro from One Piece. He’s just dope (and a crush of mine) even though he lacks a good sense of direction lol. I think he and I are equally tenacious.
9)  Something cool, you would like out readers to know about you?
I’m not sure. I think I’m pretty boring. I love hanging out in record stores, reading manga, watching anime, and I really love films. I could talk about those things all day.
10) Let the people know how they can find you? (social media links)

micmusicpassion on twitter



SDE would like to Thank Jinsoo (진수) for rocking with us.  We would also like to think you, the reader for stopping by. For those who are curious, I’ll post track below.

Memories (AnnOne cover) 


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