IMG_1543 [278510]Drey: Introduce yourself to the readers, Also how long have you been making music?

TeeJay Foy: Ok, well my name is TeeJay Foy,and I’m a 22 year old artivist and creative director from New Orleans,La. I’ve been making music for almost 8 years now, but i’ve been doing music since I was 5 years old starring in my school plays.

Drey: Creatively speaking, who are some of your biggest influences?

TeeJay Foy: Aww man there are so many artist I can think of for this. First and foremost it would have to be Jay-Z, Kanye West,Lil’ Wayne of course, Drake,Good Morning,Pharrell,Toro Y Moi,Kendrick Lamar,and Raury just to name a few.

Drey: Given the opportunity, how would you describe your sound to new listener?

TeeJay Foy: I don’t have a sound in particular at this moment because I’ve trained myself meticulously on being versatile.Versatility is key I believe because it helps you stand out and rise above the competition. I have no limits I believe when it comes to music genres aren’t needed.

Drey: Taking your catalog into consideration, what do you feel is your best song to date? And why?

TeeJay Foy: That’s a hard one because most of my songs I love them all the same, but if I would have to chose it would be my song “Living Golden” it still holds play back value, it’s the song that gets me going, it made me shed a tear one time. My baby cousin loves that song to death. The little guy knows every word, and he’s only 7 years old. You know what they say if the kids are loving you then you’re going places.

Drey: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

TeeJay Foy: In 5 years I see myself being more involved in the community, helping other artists with their careers whether it’s marketing,collaborating,or ghost writing. I see myself married to my long time girlfriend. I can see myself traveling across the globe doing tours as well.

Drey: So what do you feel sets you apart from other artist?

TeeJay Foy: What sets me apart from other artists? Good question my friend. I believe my versatility sets me apart widely from other artist,but I feel that I want to evolve into something more than just an artist. Artist get into the game and just want to be one dementional you know. I want to be the next mogul, that guy you can rely on to get things moving in the right direction, the guy who changed the way we hear things, and I want to be the greatest of all-time.

Drey: Do you have any up and coming projects that you are working on currently?

TeeJay Foy: Yes, I do have a couple of projects coming out in three different areas. First area is the music area I’ll be releasing an EP titled “So Stainless” in which I touch basis on social and racial injustice on one side of the EP,and on the other side I show my creative side. I’m putting this out because I want people to understand to never let folks put you in a box of creativity. Whatever someone says about you or label you it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t stain you, and doesn’t it stick.

The second area is film. I always wanted to do film, I love acting, I love seing stories being told, and I love documentaries. I watched them so much that I wanted to put out my own. So I teamed up with Limited Liability to come out with a documentary titled

“NRG”. It’s me going around asking fellow artist from different walks of life what does energy means to you, do you believe in energy,and why is it so important to them.
The third area is community work. Myself and my PR Toia Vega of Exceptional PR partnered up to give the city of New Orleans a way to give back to the kids. I wanted to be a role model for the kids way before I got into the entertainment business. So we came up with “Project Green Nola” we’re helping kids from the ages 7-17 become more conscious of green living, and also finding ways how to be more friendly to the universe.

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